One thought on “Episode 56 – The Hero’s Journey Gone WRONG

  1. Enjoyed the show. I do enjoy Korra, even if it has some flaws. I felt like seasons three and four were stronger as the stakes were raised and we had some more interesting villains. I need to go back and re-watch it because the schedule was a mess.

    Of course, when you talk about the hero’s journey, you have to discuss Star Wars. The originals did it very well. The prequels are a mess. As you said, the protagonist isn’t clear. I feel like the story would have been more engaging had it followed the journey of Obi-Wan more closely and having Anakin’s story as an aside, sort of the B or C story. They tried, but they really wanted Anakin to be the center of the story. And the relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan wasn’t very compelling as it was told in the prequels. It doesn’t match up to how Obi-Wan felt about Anakin/Vader in the original trilogy.

    The Defenders was a mess. A true mess. I forced myself to get through that train wreck. There was way too much posturing and arguing between the ‘heroes’ and it just wasn’t enjoyable. Danny Rand was probably supposed to be the protagonist, but it was very unclear.

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